We’re passionate about bringing music to the masses, so in 2018, after over 50 years providing music lessons to schools, we started two new Birmingham-based Music Schools, offering a variety of private lessons for adults and children, with specialist instrument teachers. All of our music teachers (and other staff members) are subject to an Enhanced DBS check, guaranteeing the highest standards in safeguarding.

Lessons are provided over 35 weeks, between September and July. These are not always on consecutive weeks due the music school closure periods – the detailed teaching weeks and closure periods. We also offer In-Person, Online and Flexi lessons (a mixture of both):


“Thank you for continuing to provide music lessons online during these unusual times. My daughter and I are very much enjoying our violin lessons at the Music School with such a fantastic teacher…we cannot sing her praises enough!”  Sarah Campbell – Parent

“I have to say I am really pleased to be able to take up a new instrument as an older learner, and I thoroughly enjoyed my first lesson this evening – I’ve learned five notes! To be able to borrow an instrument makes a real difference.

The teacher seemed very nice, the school is a very nice setting, and my older daughter was delighted to see me bring home the same practice book that she has for her violin lessons at school!” Christian Bohm – Horn Player

Theo is absolutely loving his lessons with you, and thank you so much for all your help with the song. Sangeeta Ambegaokar – Parent

“Thank you very much, you really made an impression on him last night, the singing lessons have really helped build his confidence. When he started he had just moved to a school where he knew no one and was having a tough time.

He absolutely loved his first lesson and I hadn’t seen him that happy in a long time. Last night was a similar response and he even said you were better than his last teacher, which I didn’t think was possible, as they got on so well.” Richard Cook – Parent

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